ADG Aspect Tools v5.3.0.76

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ADG Aspect Tools v5.3.0.76

Компания Albatross Design Group выпустила новую версию продукта ADG Aspect Tools - программа, позволяющая быстро и легко создавать из серии фотографий 3D фото композиции, редактировать и публиковать их в интернет. ADG 3D имеет предварительный просмотр через инструмент ADG Java Viewer. Поддерживает интеграцию с ADG Panorama Tools. Имеет в себе много шаблонов понарам... Есть русский интерфейс.

ADG Aspect Tools v5.3.0.76

ADG Aspect 3D is a program, which lets you from a series of photos quickly and easily generate, edit & publish 3D photo compositions on the Web. ADG 3D can be viewed through ADG Java Viewer that eliminates any plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet. It can be integrated with ADG Web Panorama, so you can insert 3D object into 360 degrees panorama.

ADG Aspect Tools requires DirectX Version 6.0 or better installed. ADG Aspect Tools is distributed within a single executable file ADGaspect50.exe, just download and launch it to start your installation. It does not affect any Windows system files, so there is no need to restart your computer after the installation. Use Start/Programs menu or corresponded icon on the desktop to launch ADG Aspect.

Creates web 3D compositions (Aspect 3D Model from a series of aspect photos)
Interactive zoom and rotation
Background image inserting
Background panorama inserting
Aspect images color keying
Automatically aligns images
Automatically corrects brightness
Automatically corrects contrast
Automatically calculation of optimal output file size
Automated embedding into the web page
Adjustment of output image resolution
Adjustment of output image compresson
Adjustment of images order and rotation
Customized designer user interface
Source files format: .JPG .TIF .TGA .BMP .GIF
Ouput ADG file scalable format
Output AVI file format
Output image bilinear filtration
Mouse, wheel and keyboard control
Javascript control
3D hardware support

Embedding ADG Aspect into Your WEB Site.
When you save your Aspect with HTML option ADG Aspect Tools creates HTML page and all necessary files automatically. You don't need any special HTML or Java programming knowledge, just upload all output files to your web site and rename HTML page to index.html if necessary.

Version 50.75
Multilanguage User Interface. Default interface selected according to OS language. Supported languages:
- English
- French
- German
- Russian
- Spanish

Opera Web Browser support.

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