Nazareth-Diamond Collection

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Nazareth-Diamond Collection

Исполнитель: Nazareth
Название диска: Nazareth-Diamond Collection
Жанр: Pок
Размер: 344 MB
Треки: 122
Формат/Битрейт: mp3|96Kb/s,32kHz


001.A Veteran's Song
004.Another Year
005.Backroom Boys
006.Backstage Pass
007.Beggars Day Rose In The Heather
008.Boots Of Spanish Leather
009.Born To Love
010.Born Under The Wrong Sign
011.Broken Down Angel
014.Called Her Name
015.Cat's Eye, Apple Pie
016.Changin' Times
017.Child In The Sun
018.Cinnamon Girl
019.Claim To Fame
020.Country Girl
022.21Down Home Girl
023.Empty Arms, Empty Heart
024.Expect No Mercy
025.Fast Cars
026.Fat Man
028.Fool About You
029.For A Car
030.Free Wheeler
032.Gone Dead Train
033.Hair Of The Dog
034.Hang On To A Dream
035.Heart's Grown Cold
038.Holy Roller
039.Homesick Again
040.I Don't Want To Go On Without You
041.I Had A Dream
042.I Want To Do Everything For You
043.I Will Not Be Led
044.In My Time
045.Into The Ring
046.Island In The Sun
048.Keeping Our Love Alive
049.Kentucky Fried Blues
050.King Is Dead
051.L.A. Girls
052.Lady Luck
053.Let Me Be Your Leader
054.Lift The Lid
055.Little Part Of You
056.Lonely In The Night
058.Love Hurts
059.Love Now You're Gone
060.Loved And Lost
062.May The Sunshine
063.Milk and Honey
064.Miss Misery
066.Moonlight Eyes
067.Morning Dew
068.Night Woman
070.Not Faking It
071.Out Of Time
072.Party Down
073.Piece Of My Heart
074.Place In Your Heart
075.Please Don't Judas Me
076.Revenge Is Sweet
077.Ruby Tuesday
078.Sad Song
079.Sally Mary
080.Shanghai'd In Shanghai
081.Shapes Of Things Space Safari
082.Shot Me Down
083.Simple Solution (Parts 1 and 2)
084.Sold My Soul
085.Somebody To Roll
086.Southern Cross
088.Starry Eyes
089.Stay With Me Baby
090.Sunny Island
092.Telegram Part 1 - On You Way_ Part 2 - So You Want To...
093.The Departure
094.The Great Pretender
095.The Honky Tonk Downstairs
096.The Key
097.This Flight Tonight
098.This Month's Messiah
099.Too Bad, Too Sad
101.Turn On Your Receiver
102.Turning A New Leaf
103.Vancouver Shakedown
106.Waiting For The Man
107.Watcha Gonna Do About It
108.We Are The People
109.We've Been A Hundred Men Reprise Headin' For South-Am...
110.Whatever You Want Babe
111.What's In It For Me
112.Where Are You Now
113.Where The Oceans Ends
114.Whisky Drinkin' Woman
115.White Boy
116.Why Don't You Read The Book
117.Wild Honey
118.Witchdoctor Woman
119.Woke Up This Morning
120.You Don't Believe In Us
121.You Got Me Hummin'
122.You're The Violin

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